Mads Nørgaard x TAKT

A special edition to raise awareness for responsible consumption

Craftmanship is key to
responsible consumption

We have invited five artisans to represent care and good craftsmanship.
Each artist has dedicated a day to showcase their art at Nørgaard Paa Strøget’s shop window in central Copenhagen.

With the hashtag #sitdownandreflect, they will contribute to the need for good craftsmanship and responsible consumption – starting from 26th October.
Scroll down to see full program.

“We aim to make responsible consumption and production very present through strong sustainable furniture and a collaboration with five highly skilled artisans.”

Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, TAKT Founder & CEO.

“Our shop’s window will work as a display for talented artists to showcase their craftsmanship.”

Mads Nørgaard