Our friend, illustrator Andrea Ucini, an Italian musician turned internationally renowned graphic artist, lives in the Danish harbor town of Hundested.
We are fortunate to work together with Andrea to illustrate some of our core beliefs, like the role of the home in modern life, or our shared responsibility across generations for a sustainable future.

To be surrounded by wide horizons and natural breezes is not a coincidence. For illustrator Andrea Ucini, it is exactly the kind of place that creates peace and balance in a busy world. The studio, Artisteri, and its surroundings have become home to Andrea as everything here moves in its own rhythm which creates the foundation of feeling safe, having no pressure and eventually creating the feeling of home.

Andrea lives in the countryside of Hundested, Denmark, from there he reaches the world through his visual expressions. Turning complex concepts into strong visual solutions – published in global leading medias as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian.

I get the feeling of home everywhere life moves slowly. Not in the city but rather in nature

Andrea Ucini

Even though Andrea originally pursued a career within classical music and made a living by playing music, teaching and composing soundtracks for movies, his love story wanted him to pursue a different path. Falling in love with a Danish woman made it challenging to express himself in the Italian vocabulary. All metaphors lost its connections – and language barriers within Danish and English were evident. This made him turn into drawing. Something he has been doing since childhood. At that time, chairs were a favorite of his to draw, there was something special about chairs. He drew every chair he saw (you can say it’s our luck too – there is something special about chairs)

While working with conceptual illustrations, Andrea pays particular attention to the main message which the illustration has to deliver. Something that acts as an eye opener for the receiver. That’s why his favourite subject is to challenge with metaphors that reflect the everyday life and add an important twist, for the joy of the readers. For Andrea, it is much about challenging the person’s perception of the actual illustration – to awake curiosity and leave the reader with the delight of having figured it out. It is a simple balance of not saying too much nor becoming banal.

Check out Andrea’s work @andrea_ucini or visit him in his gallery located in the countryside of Hundested, Denmark.

All illustrations in this story are made by Andrea Ucini for TAKT.

My studio gives me the same peace as nature gives me. In here I find myself and the slowness I need to feel well and safe in all the chaos that exists out there.

Andrea Ucini