TAKT is the furniture company rethinking the way we design, build and sell furniture. We believe in bringing high-quality design to more people in revolutionary, sustainable and transparent ways.

TAKT looks to the future with our sights set far beyond furniture. Because society needs new ideas about how to make quality goods accessible for more people, and we need to do it in a sensible way that doesn’t adversely affect life on the planet. We take on this challenge as we create refined Danish furniture for the mutual benefit of people and planet.

We’re on a mission and we would like you to join.

100% Eco-Certified

All products we sell are 100% eco-certified for the benefit of you, your family and the planet.
We only use wood from sustainable forests, that are given time to naturally regenerate while local wildlife is sustained and worker conditions are balanced. We only use water based lacquer, that makes the products durable while emphasising the delicate structure of the wood without unnecessary chemicals. Our products are constructed and tested for durability and have a five-year warranty. They can be separated out into key materials for recycling and worn parts can be replaced.

Danish Design With Global Outlook

TAKT revives the Scandinavian design ideal that good design should be for everybody.
We will strive to realise this by meticulously rethinking how to make and sell furniture using the best ideas from the past and the innovations from today for a more sustainable future.

Slow Craft Meets Modern Tech

To make good industrial products, we believe it is a prerequisite that the craft is present at all levels. Modern industrial production methods offer an abundance of opportunities for stable and efficient production, but craft and quality can be hard to recognise in this context. Yet, we maintain that these concepts are central to the development of a strong heritage.

Transparent Pricing

TAKT introduces transparent pricing, responsible sourcing and fair prices in order to offer design products that are 100% eco-certified and built to last. Our shortened digital value chain allows us to deliver quality design furniture worldwide at prices far below the market standard – without compromising on design, materials or craftsmanship.

Copenhagen Showrooms

Come and try the chairs in our showrooms. We have partnered up various locations around the city, who have been helpful and generous to place TAKT chairs in their public domains for people to come by and try out. 

Your home is the place to set an atmosphere that brings out the best in you. Your furniture should be responsible enough to support that ideal in your everyday life.

Henrik Lorensen, CEO at TAKT