Making furniture is about transforming ideas into tangible forms. From the first spark of inspiration to the finished product, the design journey is intricate and multifaceted, requiring a diverse array of skills. This journey encompasses everything from innovative crafting techniques and comprehensive environmental assessments to meticulous planning for production and logistics. Often, in large companies, this intricate process can become prolonged, and the essence of the original design may be diluted or compromised.
At TAKT, we believe in preserving the purity and intention of the initial idea. Our approach is straightforward: we aim to maintain a harmonious balance between all contributing elements, ensuring the integrity of the design remains intact throughout the process.
For the launch of Bow Chair, we are celebrating this direct connection. We introduce a unique photographic series by the designer, Sam Hecht. Given creative freedom, Sam ventured to the Barbican Estate in London, a place famed for its brutalist architecture. Sam prefers what he calls ‘the roughness of English brutalism’, more than the smoothness of French modernism. When you combine the Danish sensibilities of a product like Bow Chair, with the rough texture of the Barbican architecture, something magical appears. It provided a striking backdrop that highlights the chair’s refined outline. 

‘Through the eyes of the designer’ documents the final outcome of the design process and shows artistically how it links back to the early concepts of the Bow Chair.

Photo credit: Industrial Facility