The corona-virus continues to evolve by the day. We believe that we must do our part to slow the spread while we continue to operate. You can expect near-normal service from us.
As we come together as a community to combat the virus, we find ourselves working from home and avoiding larger crowds. For most of us it means spending much more time at home. When TAKT launched last year, we wrote a blog post about the role and importance of our homes in a modern world. It seems as relevant now.

It is our obligation to help fight this decease but also to keep on doing what we do best.
Our online store remains open, and we will be available at or via our social channels.
Are you still fulfilling orders?
Our distribution center is still up and running and is taking precautions to ensure the safety of its workers. All orders are sent within 1-2 working days from our warehouse in Denmark.
Will my shipment be delayed?
You should not expect longer delivery times. Our delivery partners are still operating normally. If you choose a local package shop for delivery, we suggest that you check if the shop is open before putting in your order.  In countries where we offer home delivery, we suggest you pick this option. EU orders will be delivered within 8-10 days.
Learn more about shipping here.
How can I return or exchange?
You normally need to bring your pre-paid return package to your local package shop of choice. In case your local package shop is currently closed, please send us a message on and we will find a solution, or extend your return rights until you can safely return your package. Learn more about our return policy here.
How are you taking care of your team?
All TAKT employees at our head office are working from home and we check-in every day to see how everyone is doing.  We have organised work so our production and warehouses are still operating safely.
What is happening with your factories? 
We are only producing in Europe, and our factories are still operating safely. We are in close contact with our factories, suppliers, and distribution center to ensure they are each putting protections in place for their workers.
Do you continue launching new products?
We will continue to launch new products carefully during this time. Our hope is that we can bring some sense of normalcy to our customers.
Let’s stay friendly, helpful and kind.
Updated on April 6, 2020