This is good design as we see it. Good design offers presence, atmosphere and coherence. In a time when design can be experienced as anything from tangible objects and experiences, to digital platforms and interfaces, we return to the best from our past. We believe in a more traditional approach that highlights craft in the process of creating individual pieces that can take part in a thoughtful environment.

Good design is not just a matter of beautiful form, but beautiful use. The simple pleasure that arises when something just works, and can continually fulfill its function over and over again. We believe good design is built to last.

Good design grows out of a tradition of expertise with materials and use. It has been developed and adapted over a long period of time in relation to the realities of modern production. We believe good design respects a craftperson’s knowledge of form’s relationship to material, function and spatial context.

Good design has the special ability to customize, refine and improve the everyday. The ordinary becomes extraordinary, but in a way that clarifies and accentuates without taking center stage. We believe in respecting and preserving the complete vision.

Good design can stand out and blend in at the same time. It knows its place in a spatial context, but also in the hierarchy of everyday objects that we meet and sense in our daily lives. We believe good design to be a humble yet dignified discipline.

Good design speaks to us over a long period of time. It has an intrinsic visual and physical durability that brings us in touch with deeper layers of our culture, our heritage and ourselves. We believe it is a common heritage that we pass on to future generations – always in a slightly better state than when we received it.

Good design consists of responsible production, with a conscious use of materials that considers both the resources and the inhabitants of this beautiful planet. We believe good design exists to help us, not harm us.

Good design is visible in everyday life. It is the pleasure of embracing products that are carefully crafted in durable materials, produced with care, and that can help support a good life.

This is good design as we see it.