Residing in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Michael Dansk (34) shares his apartment with his partner, children, and their beloved dog, Paula. Michael’s keen sense of aesthetics and eye for detail are evident not just in the exquisite and thoughtfully adorned apartment, but also in his professional pursuits as a creative consultant and the proprietor of the recently established Copenhagen-based gallery ‘à mon avis’.

On a delightful spring day, Michael graciously welcomed us into his abode, providing a glimpse of the inspiring ambiance that surrounded us. In this setting, he showcased the captivating Spoke sofa while engaging in meaningful conversations about the essence of what makes a place truly feel like home.

What or where gives you the feeling of home?

Besides, of course, the people I share my life with, I would say it’s the personal items that hold a story within them. For instance, my grandfather’s wooden shelf, which has been a cherished part of my life for as long as I can remember, or my collection of art that holds deep personal significance. Surrounding myself with objects that have a tangible connection to my life truly cultivates a sense of home and belonging.

What feelings or emotions do you associate with “home”?

To me, my home is an incredibly personal space that allows me to showcase different facets of my identity and passions. As a result, it is a predominantly private domain—not in the sense of being concealed, but rather as a sanctuary where I can develop new ideas, recharge, and find relaxation. Many of the endeavors I pursue in the outside world are intrinsically linked to this personal space, making my home hold profound significance for me.

What is important to you when choosing furniture in terms of feeling at home?

“The process of selecting the perfect pieces holds immense significance for me. The items within my home greatly influence my overall well-being and sense of belonging, which is why making thoughtful choices is important. I would rather wait until I can afford a special piece of furniture or have found the best fit than buying something that doesn’t feel right. I think this process is an essential part of what makes a space feel personal and creates a home.”