Nanna Skytte lives in the northern part of Copenhagen together with her partner and their son Nelson. The loft apartment, characterised by sloping walls, is small and simple yet with plenty of room for their sons’ toys and the everyday life. 

Working with PR and communications in the fashion industry, Nanna has an eye for presenting colours and shapes, and their home is no exception. Soft earthy shades, mixed with a playful splash of bright colours, creates a beautiful frame for the Turn Chairs and table and sets the tone for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We had a chat with Nanna about the feeling of home and what is important to her in choosing the right furniture.  

Name, age and profession?  

Nanna Skytte, 35, works with PR and communication

What or where gives you the feeling of home?

I was born in Aarhus and have lived there all my life, until 2017 where I moved to Copenhagen. Every time I go back, I feel my shoulders relax when I see the harbour. There is something really calming about knowing the shortcuts of a city. The little secret spots or little quirky cafés. All the memories I have of growing up, it’s a part of me and the reason why I am who I am today. 

What feelings or emotions do you associate with “home”?

Home is a place where I can embrace my authentic, unfiltered self without the need to impress anyone.

What is important to you when choosing furniture in terms of feeling at home?
It has to be comfortable! Like being embraced in a big hug. Or in some way stimulate my senses. We are surrounded by stuff and things that clatter our minds everyday – I would at least want the things I am surrounded by to support my well-being in some sense through their tactility. And no scratching wool! I remember staying at my grandmother’s when I was sick, and she had this very classic red wool couch and it was very scratchy.

Can you think of a time when you felt at home in a place that was not your physical home – what made you feel this way?

In January, I was in Mexico with my family. Walking barefooted in the warm water, seeing my son looking for shells and holding hands with my boyfriend while the sun was setting gave me a feeling of total inner peace. I guess I can really feel at home anywhere in the world as long as I have my family with me.

Can you share a hidden gem in Denmark that always gives you a sense of belonging?

It is not so much a hidden gem, but a place I hold dear to my heart. My dad took me and my sister on countless trips to the forests near Moesgaard in Aarhus when we were kids. We would bring popcorn and eat them by this very special tree where the branches were all entangled, making it a perfect resting spot. That place gives me a strong feeling of belonging – and walking along the coastline back – then I know I am home.

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