An important issue for TAKT is to reduce waste in the production phase.
In line with our belief to live sustainably, we see zero waste as an integral and important part. We work to reduce waste of timber material all the way from the forest to the workshop.

It starts by only using FSC®-certified wood from sustainable forests in our production. The FSC® certification ensures comprehensive care for nature, animals and people in forests, and the certification is a guarantee that no more trees are felled than the forest is capable of regenerating itself.

After the tree is felled, the timber is dried for several months and cut at the sawmill in precise lengths that fit with each piece of furniture, thereby minimizing the amount of leftover material later in the workshop.

All our furniture is crafted at selected European workshops in Denmark and Latvia.
Leftovers from production – sawdust, woodchips and cut-off wood – are recycled into either chip boards or for local heating. Leftover material is pressed into briquettes and used for local heating at the workshop or for the wood machines, thereby eliminating the need of oil and gas – even during cold Latvian winters.

Timber for TAKT furniture receives no chemical treatments so burning the leftover wood does not create toxic fumes. If any material is left at this point, it is donated to companies for reusing purposes. This way all leftover material is given a new purpose, and zero goes to waste.