We have improved our service towards UK customers. We can now process orders, so you don’t have to pay any other fees and customs later. Prices on our website now includes everything. We continue to offer free shipping and returns on all orders. We offer free shipping and free return on all orders.

We reserve the right to change prices with immediate effect.

We hope you will enjoy this simplified service.


Upholstery for our customers in UK

All of our products have been awarded the EU Eco-label because of our design approach and strict use of materials. We make a dedicated version of the upholstery for the UK market because of local requirements for a chemical flame-retardant treatment of the upholstery. This UK requirement conflicts with the strict requirements of the EU Eco-label, and hence our upholstery version for the UK market is not covered by the EU Eco-label. Together with our manufacturing partners, we continuously keep an eye on foam alternatives and treatments that can meet all requirements.


Here’s how it works:

you order → we process → we ship → you receive your order

Ordering takes a few seconds. Standard processing takes 7-8 weeks. Then one of our carriers takes it from there and you will get your order delivered after additional 7-10 days including the days where your product goes through customs in UK.

In total you should expect to receive your order 8-10 weeks after you placed in your order unless otherwise stated for specific products.

You’ll get a shipment notification email with a tracking number as soon as your package ships. It’s on the way!

Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we move forward together. Reach us at info@taktcph.com