Stilleben was established in 2002 with a passion for high-quality design, craftsmanship and peculiar objects. Today Stilleben designs and produces their own collections of tableware, textiles and interior. Rooted in a timeless aesthetic their designs and production focuses on high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, resulting in long-lasting products.

At TAKT, we often say that home is a feeling. It’s the furniture and objects that we collect around us that set the scene for our lives to unfold in unexpected ways.  
We all have a sense of these collections, however small and simple. It could be a collection of small pebbles picked up on your favourite local beach: one on its own would mean nothing, but related to each other in an enamel saucer they become an intriguing arrangement.  
The importance of the relationship between objects is nowhere more clear than on a table. They don’t need to be particularly valuable or expensive, but the care and feeling with which you arrange them is important.

It’s this feeling that led us to invite Stilleben to introduce their new Memphis Mug made of 90% recycled clay on our new Turn Table at 3daysofdesign this year. The Memphis Stoneware collection of stackable, functional tableware has a stringent, geometric expression softened by vibrant, lively colours and a glossy, transparent glaze. The series is the result of a close examination of contemporary eating habits as their dimensions relate to the specific needs of each meal of the day.  
As you’d expect from a TAKT collaborator, great care has been taken in the production process. The stoneware is made in a ceramics factory located near the west coast of Portugal, south of Porto. Portugal has a long history of stoneware production, and the raw materials are sourced locally from natural resources. There’s innovation, too, as the factory has developed a unique single-fire technology, burning both the stoneware and the glaze simultaneously. This energy-saving process both results in an incredibly strong and durable stoneware with a unique glaze and significantly lowers the carbon footprint of pottery production. 

Stilleben will be joining us at Original Coffee, Store Kongensgade 124, to create a tablescape that tells the story of their Memphis Stoneware. It is extraordinary how interesting an effect can be created by grouping together the simplest of objects.