We price things fairly, so you don’t pay more than needed for good quality, but also so you pay enough to fairly support our workers, source our materials in sustainable ways, and build a business that is able to sustain itself. That’s why we believe in transparency from production, to transport to pricing.

We continue the tradition of design for everyone by being fair and up-front with our prices. We don’t service an expensive network of physical retail stores, we don’t hold multiple distribution warehouses. Instead, we work directly with the best furniture workshops. When we receive your order, we dispatch the product from our central warehouse in Denmark and ship it to you directly. That is how we can put more value into the product, sell it to you at a fair price and keep you informed along the way.

The true cost

We believe you have a right to know how much your furniture costs to make. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products — from materials, to labor to transportation. And then we offer them to you, minus the traditional retail markup.

Pricing Transparency

We believe in transparency from production,

to transport, to pricing.


TAKT builds on the best from our past with the innovations of today so more people can enjoy high quality design.