Colours in Cultural Context

A TAKT collaboration with visual artist Malene Bach.

A TAKT collaboration with visual artist Malene Bach.

Good design should speak to us over a long period of time. That’s how we develop furniture and how we approach design. It’s also how we approach working with colours. We had the pleasure of working with awarded visual artist Malene Bach to develop a colour palette that is both immediately compelling, but also has cultural roots – an approach that aims to bring aesthetic durability to the colours.

When Malene Bach developed a palette for our Cross Chair Tube, she took a starting point in classic colour pigments associated with the proud Danish wood-construction tradition. We can always recognise these colours and their rich history because we have seen them grace doors, windows, benches, gates – both in our cities and in rural areas.

Colour is a constant source of energy, power and motivation.

Malene Bach