Launching soon: Bow Chair

On June 12 at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, we will launch our newest design:
the Bow Chair.

Made entirely of oak, the Bow Chair is comfortable, visually pleasing and brimming with character.  The moulded plywood seat is unusually wide in proportion to its depth and a waterfall edge at the front softens contact with the hamstrings. 

Unique tailored construction

Inspired to create a chair where the back and arms are moulded from a single piece of plywood, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin describe employing a process similar to that a tailor might use to cut a pattern in fabric. This approach resulted in the beautiful structure wherein the moulded back and arms component is supported by a simple A-frame wood dowel construction. One of the benefits of this design is an increase in comfort due to natural movement in the plywood back.

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility, the new Bow Chair realises an ambitious project to “tailor” plywood as a pattern is cut from fabric, efficiently forming the back and arms from a single piece. Consistent with all TAKT products, Bow Chair prioritises longevity, featuring easy repairs with readily available replacement parts.

The Bow Chair will launch on June 12, 2024, during 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen.

Meet the designers

Industrial Facility is a London-based studio founded by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin in 2002. Hecht and Colin work for industry in a way that improves everyday design, not by producing something different but rather something better.