Our products are certified according to the European Ecolabel. This vouches not only for the sustainability of the materials used, but also for the consideration of the lifetime environmental impact of the products.

  • Materials are sourced sustainably. This means that our wood comes from FSC® certified forests. Trees are not harvested faster that the forest can regenerate itself, and consideration of the local wildlife is taken into account, as well as the well-being of the forest workers. Our leather is tanned naturally without chemicals, and our wool fabric is also eco-labeled.
  • Our products consider a more holistic environmental impact and are designed for a longer lifetime in a way that you can easily replace wearable parts. If you should choose to discard of the product later, you are able to take the product apart in its key materials to allow for the cleanest recycling.
  • All shipments are packaged using recycled materials.

Our products are specifically designed to last for a long time. We believe that the best environmental impact comes from never having to discard the product – you can live with it for many years and maybe even pass it to the next generation so that they can keep spreading joy as they’re used.
They are also designed so that you can easily replace parts that get worn with time. Products that are made to last are designed with an aesthetic that doesn’t grow tired and with quality material that ages with beauty.
When a chair’s time finally comes, our products are prepared for recycling and are constructed so that you can take them apart in key materials before discarding them.

An additional benefit of our design approach is that we are able to pack our products in smaller boxes and save on the environmental impact during transport. In fact, we can pack 5 to 7 times more products in the same volume, and that translates into a similar reduction in transportation impact.

Sustainability, for us, is about managing the environmental impact we have and working hard at giving more than we take.


TAKT builds on the best from our past with the innovations of today so more people can enjoy high quality design.

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