Fully climate
compensated products

At TAKT we believe in a multi-pronged approach to fully climate compensated our products. 

  1. We establish transparency to the carbon footprint during the full life cycle of each of our product – from materials, production, transport, use and disposal. Our carbon footprint calculation is externally verified.
  2. We continually work to reduce the carbon footprint across all parts of the life cycle.
  3. We offset the remaining carbon footprint by investing in activities that directly remove carbon from the atmosphere (not quotas and not indirect emission reductions).

Our approach is aligned with ‘The Oxford Offsetting Principles’ published by Oxford University in 2020 as credible guidelines to help ensure that offsetting actually helps to achieve a net zero society.

We purchase these CO2 removal certificates through Puro, a Finnish-based market place for verified carbon removal projects. You will not be surprised that we have a soft spot for wood, which also includes the environmental benefits of this wonderful material. We invest in projects that support wood based building materials that has a net-negative CO2 impact on the atmosphere. Through our offsetting donations, we can thereby ensure that good wood-based building materials can replace carbon polluting traditional building elements.  


By consistently only using wood from sustainably managed forests (i.e., FSC certified), we have reduced CO2e impact from our wooden materials by 40%.

Surface treatment

By moving away from traditional Poly Urethane lacquer to water based lacquers and oils, we have reduced the lifetime CO2e impact of our surface treatment by 48% (even including the impact from later retreating your furniture with oil after years of use).


By optimizing our recycled cardboard and flat-packing our furniture, we have both reduced damage during transport and reduced the CO2e impact of the packaging materials by 26%.


By flat-packing our furniture we have reduced carbon emissions during transport by 56%.

Målbar has developed a powerful tool with high user-friendliness. In addition to the specific CO2e calculations, it is possible to compare the climate profile of products, and related comparisons with everyday topics are included.