Verification level

We work with the Danish company MÅLBAR to calculate the product environmental footprint for each of our products. This footprint is calculated according to EU’s rules for Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). When verified data is not available, conservative estimates have been applied. All phases of the product lifecycle are included in the calculation. For the phases after factory gate (use phase and disposal) conservative estimates build from the PEF rules are applied. Specifically, the disposal is calculated based on an EU average. The data sources behind these calculations are: EcoInvent 3.8 and EF 3.0 and 3.1 PEF data as well as PEF compliant LCA data (read more). 

We work to continually mature the calculations. For each product calculation you can see the verification level that has been achieved:

Third Party Verified
Bureau Veritas is one of the largest companies in the world working to inspect, classify, consult and certify environments across business fields. They verify the complete and precise screening result, allowing an official PEF result.
Verified by Målbar
Målbar verifies that the input data provided by TAKT lies within the “normal” range and that any claim of sustainable aspects is documented. Målbar also check if the mass balance is accurate and if any materials/processes are forgotten or mistyped. 
This level is generated by using MÅLBAR’s Climate Screening Tool with TAKT performing a self-assessment of the input data. TAKT has the sole responsibility of all input data. We only show self-assessed calculations in the short period until data has been verified by Målbar.