compensated products

Sharing the climate impact for all our products is the next step in our tireless effort to be a driver of positive change. All our products are already consistently certified with the EU Ecolabel and as a corporation we have certified as a B-Corp. These certifications is your insurance that our products and our company meet the highest standards of transparency, responsibility and sustainability. In addition to these important certifications, we are moving forward with specific and detailed CO2eq calculations for all our products.

An informed basis to make sustainable choices
We have worked intensively to create clarity in the climate footprint of each of our products. We have mapped the CO2eq impact during the entire process from basic materials to production, shipping, daily use and the final disposal after many years of use. This way, you can see the composition of the climate footprint on each of our product pages.

We hope that you will be able to get a sense for the environmental impact of preparing your TAKT furniture. We use these insights very tangibly to focus and prioritize our further efforts to keep driving down emissions. As we implement new efforts, you may see the calculations on the product pages change so we keep the latest scores available to you.

Our approach to carbon transparency and compensation
At TAKT we believe in a multi-pronged approach to reducing emissions and climate compensating our products

  1. We establish transparency to the carbon footprint during the full life cycle of each of our product. From materials, production, transport, use and disposal.
  2. We verify of our carbon footprint calculations through an external body. We use the Danish company MÅLBAR* for this verification and we are in the process of having our calculations further verified by a 3rd party. For each product calculation you can see the verification level which is explained here.
  3. We continually work to reduce the carbon footprint across all parts of the life cycle.
  4. We offset the remaining carbon footprint by investing in activities that directly remove carbon from the atmosphere (not quotas and not indirect emission reductions).

Our approach is aligned with ‘The Oxford Offsetting Principles’ published by Oxford University in 2020 as credible guidelines to help ensure that offsetting actually helps to achieve a net zero society.

We purchase these CO2eq removal certificates through Puro, a Finnish-based market place for verified carbon removal projects. You will not be surprised that we have a soft spot for wood, which also includes the environmental benefits of this wonderful material. We invest in projects that support wood-based building materials that have a net-negative CO2eq impact on the atmosphere. Through our offsetting donations, we can thereby ensure that good wood-based building materials can replace carbon polluting traditional building elements. Please visit the Puro Registry and search for “TAKT” to see the individual carbon removal certificates we have secured so far

*The individual product screenings have been calculated based on EU’s PEF guidelines and we are working with our partner MÅLBAR to ensure compliance with the standard. Worst case is if lacking data would turn out to be the worst they could be while best case represents the potential result if missing data would turn out to be the best case scenario. From time to time we improve our calculations (e.g., moving to a higher verification level) and in these cases we may take down the carbon footprint calculations from individual product pages until the revised data is available.

Example of
Cross Bar Chair 65 cm
without upholstery

You will be able to see detailed carbon footprint overviews like these on each of the product pages. These overviews represent the latest status on our products and reflect our unique approach to delivering high quality design furniture in sustainable ways. As an example, some of the environmental benefits already reflected in the Cross Bar Chair 65 cm assessment include:

By consistently only using wood from sustainably managed forests (i.e., FSC-certified), we have reduced CO2eq impact from our materials by 54%

Surface treatment
By moving away from traditional Polyurethane lacquer to water based lacquers and oils, we have reduced the lifetime CO2eq impact of our surface treatment by 41% (even including the impact from later retreating your furniture with oil after years of use)

We have designed our packaging as a single box to be more durable and integrate the functions of all the normal multiple packaging layers. By optimizing our recycled cardboard and flat-packing our furniture, we have both reduced damage during transport and reduced the CO2eq impact of the packaging materials by 40%

By flat-packing our furniture we have reduced carbon emissions during transport by 73%