T12 Arc Chair is designed by the Danish design duo Depping & Jørgensen. The elegantly crafted Arc Chair has a simple sculptural appearance and a delightful self-assemble experience.


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Sustainable modern craftsmanship

Good design is in constant conversation with the past, present and future. Arc Chair references a classic Danish aesthetic while carefully introducing sustainable values and modern craftsmanship. The archetypal unibody section that functions as both back and arm rest is a Danish archetype that dates back more than 200 years and was first inspired by furniture from ancient Greece.

What our customers say

Very good

..absolutely love it. have had to buy all new furniture for the new place and the chairs are by far my favourite item! Thanks guys!

– Chris, September 10, 2020


A thing of total beauty and outstanding ergonomics. It gives me real pleasure every time I walk in the room!… we’re considering buying more.

– David, November 06, 2019

    I’m a big fan of your brand.

I’m very happy with my chair; It met my expectations and then some. You can expect more purchases from me in the future. 🙂

– Michael, June 02, 2020

..very informative homepage

   In my opinion one of the most well designed chairs out there and especially within this price range. 

– Jeppe, November 07, 2019


Harmony in steel and wood

Special attention has been given to the balance of materials in Arc Chair’s design. The slender steel tubes lend a light, modern and airy appearance to the chair, whereas the wooden seat and back provide warm, tactile comfort at the contact points. The result is a chair that is easy to move around the home, providing a comfortable, familiar seat wherever you need it. 

Make it yours

Arc Chair can be customised with a variety of Kvadrat wool fabrics and aniline leather from Sørensen Leather, so you can make Arc Chair yours. All fabrics are certified with the EU-Ecolabel and our leathers have received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Slow craft meets modern tech

Arc Chair bridges classic and modern craftsmanship. Each curve and form has been carefully created by hand in the metal and wood workshops of TAKT and Depping & Jørgensen. During production, the sensibility of the design has been translated to modern robotic machinery that is reviewed and operated by skilled craftsmen. The result is a precisely crafted piece of design that benefits from modern machinery while retaining human sensibility.

Product specifications
Depping & Jørgensen
Material & Finish
H 735 mm
D 482 mm
W 569 mm
Seat height
450 mm
5 kg
Produced in
EU, Latvia
EU Ecolabel

The woodwork

Arc chair has two wood options available: Beech and Oak, each of which has a different aesthetic effect. Beech wood is sturdy and durable yet relatively flexible. Its widespread use is a testament to its unpretentious and approachable nature. The Oak version is more rustic in appearance. The surface is treated with natural oils. This treatment allows the wood to develop a characterful patina over time, and will also enable you to easily repair damage to the surface by applying light sandpaper and a new oil treatment – again and again.
All of our products are FSC® certified. FSC® certified forrests are given time to naturally regenerate, local wildlife is sustained and worker conditions are balanced.


Arc Chair is designed through TAKT’s Eco System Design principles and are shipped component based as flat packs. We can pack three times more products in the same volume and therefore minimise CO2 emissions during transportation. Arc Chair is eco-certified and produced using wood from sustainable forests and other controlled material, just as the full supply chain is certified. It is constructed for disassembly, meaning that all components are replaceable and worn parts can be replaced. Comes with a five-year warranty. Comes with a five-year warranty.


We don’t service an expensive network of physical retail stores or distribution warehouses. We work directly with the best furniture workshops. When we receive your order, we dispatch the product from our central warehouse in Denmark and ship it to you directly. That is how we can put more value into the product, sell it to you at a fair price and keep you informed along the way.


The design is clean and simple, yet with a sculptural expression. The chair frame is made of metal tubes combined with a unique saddle connection to ensure a smooth transition where the hard metal meets the softer wood.

Depping & Jørgensen