The In-Between Spaces of Everyday Life

Soft Stool is a familiar form with a versatile sensibility. Its soft curves embody an honest design language in which all parts are visible and a part of the experience. The result is beautiful and multifaceted applications at the in-between spaces of everyday life.


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Slow Craft Meets Modern Tech

Soft Stool shows an intelligent application of molded veneer, rendering it like a cloth surrounding the solid-ash construction. Its distinct style arises as an expression of the material used and its properties.

What our customers say

Personal service

We went to the showroom on Sølvgade and met your friendly staff.

– Fredrik, May 2022

Sustainability in focus

The story behind, and sustainable production, and the feeling of no risk with the free return information.

– Gloria, April 2022

High-quality furniture

High-quality furniture, crafted with passion and care, fantastic in appearance and use, reasonably priced, and excellent customer service.

– Janis, November 2023

No compromises

I am extremely happy about both design and comfort. I am a furniture designer myself, and your product makes me happy.

– Simon, January 2022

Product specifications
Thomas Bentzen
Material & Finish
H 464 mm
D 458 mm
W 383 mm
Seat height
464 mm
4 kg
Produced in
EU, Latvia
EU Ecolabel

The Woodwork

Soft Stool is made of solid ash or oak: a light wood with beautiful texture and pattern that adds a fine and distinctive expression. Soft Stool’s unpretentious nature makes an authentic material like ash is a fitting choice. The wood’s beautiful structure helps support the chair’s soft shapes, and its natural variation between dark and light reflect seasonal changes, giving an honest and organic look and feel.
The surface is treated with natural white-pigmented oil or water-based lacquer. This treatment allows the wood to develop a characterful patina over time, and will also enable you to easily repair damage to the surface by applying light sandpaper and a new oil treatment – again and again. Our products are FSC®-certified. FSC®-certified forests are given time to naturally regenerate, local wildlife is sustained and worker conditions are balanced.


Soft Stool is designed through TAKT’s Eco System Design principles and are shipped component based as flat packs. We can pack 5 to 7 times more products in the same volume and therefore minimise CO2eq emissions during transportation. Soft Stool is eco-certified and produced using wood from sustainable forests and the full supply chain is certified. It is constructed for disassembly, meaning that all components are replaceable and worn parts can be replaced. Comes with a five-year warranty.


We don’t service an expensive network of physical retail stores or distribution warehouses. We work directly with the best furniture workshops. When we receive your order, we dispatch the product from our central warehouse in Denmark and ship it to you directly. That is how we can put more value into the product, sell it to you at a fair price and keep you informed along the way.

We designers have a role to challenge the materials, production, processes, and people so that we can help develop and maintain modern craftsmanship.

Thomas Bentzen