Introducing Spoke Sofa

Three years in the making, born from a desire to bring sustainable thinking to this historically wasteful furniture category, Spoke Sofa is the first product to emerge from our collaboration with Anderssen & Voll – one of the most accomplished studios in contemporary Scandinavian design. 
With Spoke Sofa, TAKT and Anderssen & Voll, have taken the typology of the sofa and pared it back to first principles, ensuring it is structurally transparent, entirely demountable and made from the most sustainable materials viable today.


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Long life

Every detail has been considered in light of its contribution to the sofa’s circular-design ideal: from easy-to-clean surfaces and replaceable parts, to proportions that support multiple uses, and a style and colour palette developed with longevity in mind.
By meticulously focusing on the many small details, we aim to achieve genuine, meaningful sustainability and circularity.
Whereas removing and cleaning upholstery can be difficult or impossible with most conventional sofas, a significant part of the product-development process was spent ensuring that all the sofa’s textiles were easy to remove for cleaning or replacement, facilitating maintenance and extending its lifespan.
By meticulously focusing on the many small details, we aim to achieve genuine, meaningful sustainability and circularity.

Low waste

Available in EU-grown beech or oak, Spoke Sofa comes with 100% recycled Cyber or 98% recycled Cura upholstery in seven colours by Danish textile brand Gabriel.
Traditional sofa padding is a composite of multiple materials to provide the right comfort and shape, which makes it impossible to recycle. Cushions in Spoke Sofa, however, are custom designed, recyclable mono-material foam, providing superior comfort and longevity. Our Perpetual Sustainable Design philosophy ensures that all our furniture is designed for repair so that you can replace or recycle components later in life.

Make it yours

Spoke Sofa is offered in a selection of fabrics for a total of seven colour variations, ensuring that your sofa seamlessly blends in with your personal interior style. 
From the Danish textile brand Gabriel, Cura is made of 98% recycled polyester and Cyber is made of 100% recycled polyester.

Comfortable functionality

With Spoke Sofa, comfort and functionality go hand in hand, creating the perfect seating experience. This sofa excels in both aspects, particularly in terms of firmness.
While other sofas may lose their plumpness and support over time, the cushions of a Spoke Sofa remain resilient and firm. This remarkable feature ensures that your seating experience remains consistently comfortable, regardless of how frequently you indulge in moments of relaxation.
In addition to the exceptional cushioning, Spoke Sofas also offer movable armrests. This added functionality allows you to tailor your seating position to your liking. Whether you prefer to prop up your arms while reading or recline in a more laid-back position during a movie marathon, the adjustable armrests provide the flexibility you need to find your ultimate comfort zone.

Spoke Sofa’s design, which has references to classic Danish furniture, but has coalesced to create a form that evokes the attitude of contemporary Japanese aesthetics

Anderssen & Voll