As the northern hemisphere begins to emerge from a long winter, we proudly introduce beech wood and forest green Kvadrat textiles to our most popular product, Cross Chair designed by Pearson Lloyd.

Beech, the national tree of Denmark, is a symbol of longevity and resilience, which makes it a suitable addition to our bestseller Cross Chair.

Beech wood has a long design history in Denmark, dating back to the Viking Age. Over the centuries the material has been used for building houses, making furniture and constructing the windmills and watermills that formed the first public infrastructure of Denmark. Today, it is recognised as a material that offers a light and crisp alternative to the deeper tones of oak.

Each wood has its own unique texture, grain, and colour – combining them in an interior creates visual interest that draws the eye and makes a space feel more inviting. The finish of our new beech wood Cross Chair is treated with white pigmented oil to add a light freshness to the wood grain.

Beech wood’s strength and durability have given it a mythical status among Danes, who recognise it as the national tree of Denmark. It’s a great pleasure to introduce it to our popular Cross Chair, where the qualities of the material will be experienced by our customers for generations to come.

Nicolai de Gier, design director of TAKT

As spring brings fresh colour to deciduous forests across the hemisphere, Cross Chair can now be customised with a seat pad upholstered with Kvadrat’s Canvas 996 woven fabric in forest green. The legendary Danish textiles brand worked with Giulio Ridolfo to create the Canvas range of vibrant woollen fabrics. The material, with a pronounced structure and soft weave, has an extended palette inspired by the landscapes of Skagen, Denmark.

Immerse yourself in the world of design and innovation by downloading the AR file. With just a few simple steps, you can unlock a new dimension of furniture exploration. Once the file is downloaded, get ready to witness the beauty and functionality of the Cross Chair Beech come to life before your eyes. Try AR here.

We introduce this new fabric to our Cross Chair alongside beech wood to add natural, arboreal colours to our customers’ homes. From a distance, the fabric has a calm, uniform look, but like all our furniture, on closer inspection the nuances of colour, contrast, and an intriguing structure emerge.

Nicolai de Gier, design director of TAKT
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