We are committed to breaking the unhealthy throw-away culture around furniture. It generates unnecessary waste, requires lots of energy, and pollutes our environment. Good furniture is not a fashion item. Good furniture is worth caring for and handing over to the next generation. From early design to final crafting, this has been our focus from day one. We take responsibility for ensuring proper circularity of our products.
TAKT furniture is designed for circularity
There are multiple ways of ensuring that your TAKT furniture remains in circulation. Our ten eco system design principles, that form the basis for all our product designs, support this multi-pronged circularity from the start. Our component-based approach makes a big difference – it allows shipping in less volume, it allows full repairability of all parts, it allows upgradability, and finally it allows materials to be separated into mono-materials for proper recycling.

When you decide on the ongoing life for your furniture, we suggest a certain hierarchy to what ways to explore first. It comes down to how few natural resources are needed to retain the usefulness of the furniture. It is much better to reuse or repair furniture than it is to recycle materials.
This way of approaching circularity has been broadly pioneered by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Adapted to TAKT furniture, the circulation model looks like this:

Priorities of circularity
If you are considering replacing your TAKT furniture, there are multiple routes to ensure circularity. In order of priority, you should explore:

  1. Consider if you can simply repair or renew your TAKT furniture for a refreshed life
    Perhaps stating the obvious, this is a valuable circular way because little to no additional material or energy is needed. You can refresh the surface with one of our Care Kits, or you can replace broken or worn-out parts by requesting spare parts. Easy repairs and upgrades are at the heart of all TAKT designs.

    If you are looking for new colors at home, consider replacing upholstered parts with new colors for a fresh look. We have always selected base colors for our furniture to be long-lasting and having splashes of color in easily replaceable parts.
  2. Consider if your furniture can have a useful life outside your home
    Perhaps there are friends or family that could benefit, or you can resell it to new users.
  3. Consider recycling materials if no direct reuse of your furniture is possible
    By design, all TAKT furniture is crafted from materials that are recyclable. Because TAKT products are also designed for disassembly, you can separate your used furniture into single materials yourself, which allows for the best recycling – assuming you can access the right recycling facilities locally.

    The building instruction that came with your furniture includes a detailed recycling guide for each component of your furniture. You can find digital versions of the building instructions on our support website.

Return your used TAKT furniture to us 
If, for some reason, you are not sure how to best handle your used TAKT furniture, you are always welcome to send it back to us. We will explore the best way to re-furbish, re-purpose or donate it to charitable enterprises. In worst cases we will ensure that all materials are recycled according to the latest best practices. 
Send an email to our Customer Care team and they will help you.
In any case, all the routes above are manyfold better than just discarding the whole furniture.
We will keep on exploring new routes to ensure that we keep the loop closed. Please join us on the circular journey!