T14 Plint Coffee Table is designed by Cecilie Manz, and is a crafted wooden coffee table with vegetable-tanned leather hinges and a delightfully simple self-assembly mechanism.


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Introducing Plint Coffee Table

Plint Coffee Table is a rectangular table with the size and shape to feature in any room of the home: as a regular coffee table in front of the sofa; as a side table positioned against the wall or beneath a window; or as a platform to stack books and papers.

Slow craft meets modern tech

Cecilie Manz’s ingenious solution reduces the table to just two components: tabletop and apron. The tabletop and side pieces are cut from a single, flawless piece of wood, which is handselected and cut precisely from timber logs to create the desired surface texture and grain. The finished planks are then machined to ensure the highest possible degree of precision before the leather components are fixed into place.
This allows the table to be shipped in a narrow, completely flat package, and to be delightfully assembled with ease: no need for glue, bolts or screws.

Conscious vegetable tanning

The table is made using high-quality hides produced using a chrome-free tanning process. The leather is sourced from the small Swedish tannery Tärnsjö Garveri, one of the few tanning houses which still practises environmentally conscious vegetable tanning (using bark extracts) as opposed to the time-efficient but more polluting chrome-based technique popular with many furniture manufacturers. The tabletop is attached to the legs with leather hinges. The apron is fitted with a leather loop that is fed through an aperture in the supports and fixed in place with an octagonal wedge. The wedge connection – a mechanism reminiscent of the ‘pegged stretcher’ joinery method sometimes found in traditional dining tables – is finely crafted to ensure the connection is secure and the assembled structure is stable and robust.

Product specifications
Cecilie Manz
Material & Finish
H 350 mm
D 320 mm
W 1231 mm
Seat height
350 mm
9 kg
Produced in
EU, Latvia
EU Ecolabel, FSC, L1

The Woodwork

Plint Coffee Table has three wood options available: Oregon Pine, Kalmar Pine and Oak, each of which has a different aesthetic effect. Oregon Pine has a precise and regular grain structure and a warm golden glow. Slow-grown Kalmar Pine from Swedish forests has a soft, bright look and a beautiful grain pattern. The Oak version is darker, and more rustic in appearance. The surface is treated with natural oils. This treatment allows the wood to develop a characterful patina over time, and will also enable you to easily repair damage to the surface by applying light sandpaper and a new oil treatment – again and again.


Plint Coffee Table is designed through TAKT’s Eco System Design principles and are shipped component based as flat packs, which itself is made from recycled materials. We can pack 4,3 more products in the same volume and therefore minimise CO2 emissions during transportation. The compact shipping also protects the furniture so it is less likely to be damaged during transport. Plint Coffee Table is certified with the EU-Ecolabel and produced using wood from FSC-certified sustainable forests and other controlled material, just as the full supply chain is certified. It is constructed for disassembly, meaning that Plint Coffee Table can be separated out into key materials for recycling and worn parts can be replaced. Comes with a five-year warranty.

Climate footprint
Plint Coffee Table


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Cecilie Manz has this amazing touch to her designs – a pared-back aesthetic that doesn’t shout but has this strong personality, presence and atmosphere.

Henrik Lorensen, Founder & CEO of TAKT