Wood was one of the very first materials used by humans to create useful objects and although many new materials have since come into existence, it still holds a central place in our minds.

The growth and appearance of trees are even compared to the human body: the roots are their feet, the trunk is the body, the branches as arms. Wood is also special because it is alive; just like the human body, it reacts physically to its environment and position.

We maintain quality by sourcing the best materials, but we do it in a manner with this bigger picture in mind — the effects of what we do on our planet. All of our products are FSC®-certified. FSC®-certified forests are given time to naturally regenerate, trees are not harvested faster than the forest can regenerate itself, and consideration of the local wildlife is taken into account, as well as the well-being of the forest workers.

TAKT uses 3 different types of wood, carefully adapted to the chairs’ expression, use and construction. The types of wood are all local in the sense that they are common across Denmark, the Nordic countries and Europe. This means that we don’t even need to use unnecessary energy on the transport of wood from other parts of the world.


Oak is used in our Cross Chair because it’s strong, durable and long-lasting. Oak is also used for floors, fence posts, bottom nets, tools, barrels, chests, veneers and furniture. Historically, It has also been used to construct houses, frames of ships, wagons, bridges and shingles. Due to the properties of the wood and its high content of tannins, it has also been used in tanning hides and for aging wine. 


Ash is used in the Soft Chair because of its strong mechanical properties and modest nature. Ash is heavy, hard and tough, and these properties are utilised in sports accessories, handles for tools and as wood for ladders. In ancient times it was used for carts, spears and bows. In recent history, ash was used to construct the skeleton of the first airplanes and cars due to its combination of lightness, strength and resilience.


Beech is used in Turn Chair where its uniform expression and reliable strength can be best utilised. Beech is sturdy and durable yet relatively flexible. Historically, beech was implemented for writing purposes and beech tablets were the medium of choice in the Northern European countries before paper was invented. The beech tree is still a common tree in Denmark and it is widely employed for objects such as furniture, toys, clogs, veneer, plywood and parquet floors.