With their passion for making vegetarian home cooking attractive, Green Kitchen Stories has built an impressive platform while creating a family of five. Recently having moved to Stockholm’s vibrant Södermalm, we have had the pleasure to talk with Luise about inspiration and reflections on creating a feeling of home as well as sharing a hidden gem in Stockholm, of course.  

How do you create a sense of home in a new place or unfamiliar environment? 

The idea of what makes a space feel like home is of course deeply personal. For me a home holds space for privacy, space for social activities, and space for evolving individual hobbies – like rolling out a yoga mat, reading books in a lounge chair, and meeting the family around a large dinner table with space for everyone. Music, lights, plants, objects, and pictures are simple ways to personalise a space and give it a sense of home. Choosing fabric and materials like wood, wool, linen, and stone adds an earthy connection to a home. The smell of cooking and baking is always home to me

What emotions do you associate with the feeling of being at home? 

I feel safe, calm, creative, and grateful in our home. I choose interior pieces with a rounded soft feeling, rather than edgy and hard, to enhance those feelings. I like to create a sense of ease and belonging for every member of the family. A home reflects the identity of the characters living there, family chaos, and constant vibrations of our family. 

Can you think of a time when you felt at home in a place that was not your physical home – what made you feel this way?

When I walk the streets of Södermalm I feel at home. It is a small neighbourhood in the middle of a large city. This area has many locals, who have lived here for a long time – just like us, we have lived in this neighbourhood for 15 years. The area has a special atmosphere with its old building style and colourful facades, many trees and flowers, and open outdoor spaces that invite socialising. 

Can you share a hidden gem in Stockholm that always gives you a sense of belonging? 

Mosebacke shoe-box café is an amazing hidden gem open during spring and summer located at Mosebacke Torg and owned by Wood Stockholm. It’s a mini café with an old-town feeling and they brew amazing coffee. It is surrounded by trees and often bathed in the sun and is located right next to Mosebacke Theatre which has one of the best views over Stockholm.

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